Entry #1

My ISP connection sucks...

2014-04-07 04:36:08 by rosend

My ISP connection is getting slower everyday. I'm having trouble playing internet games and I can't  browse for any illustration online because the image loading is taking forever,

Even youtube videos takes alot of time to buffer a 1 video.

I'm glad I still have my TV!


Internet, Videogames, Music and TV are mostly the things I usually do to escape frustrations because I don't drink or smoke or take drugs. My mood and emotions mostly affects my composition on doing any art related work. 

If I happen to try making an artwork while I'm frustrated or Tired, It's not gonna end very well...


and then I realized...

This is a news post, not a personal blog!


I think I'm procrastinating again...  >:(


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2014-04-07 05:43:25

Could try unplugging the wireless hub/router for 15 seconds, that usually dumps all the crap it's collecting, and switches to a less noisy channel. All that network stuff needs a rest every so often.

Also check the cable... the signal does bleed out from it, if that's how you're hooked up. Try taping another cable right along side of it, neatly from plug to plug, you'll see definite increase in bandwidth.

rosend responds:

Oh, i see...

Now I understand why I have to keep power cycling and pulling the plug sometimes,
I never had a good explanation why I have to keep doing that, all I know is makes your internet speed back to normal or faster hopefully.

Well, I've tried it every time my internet slows down, unfortunately a couple of minutes, the connection slows down again, It works back then but now, not so much...

But I haven't tried taping another cable along side of my router, I'll try that.

Thank alot!

[even as we speak, i'm having trouble submitting a responding to this comment coz of my faulty bandwidth]


2014-04-07 19:32:35

Depends on how far away you are from the node or repeater, that's on the telephone pole. It's gotta be under 5 miles to get reliable service... Who's your ISP, are you on a bandwidth limit per month, and what's the speed you're paying for?

rosend responds:

Knowing my ISP isn't really important since I'm not living in America or in Europe but I will tell you that we(my family) pay 30 dollars(not our actual currency) a month for 1.5 mbps.

I'm pretty sure internet mbps speed are different depending on what country you live in( I'm somewhere in Asia BTW) but it feels like I'm only recieving 0.3 mbps instead of 1.5 mbps and for me, 1.5 mbps is fairly fast, I can play online games on a North America Server that gives me 190 - 250 latency depending on how good connection those servers have, well there 0.5 - 0.75 secs delay but that's fine with me.

Well, there's telephone poles right next to every houses here, like 20 or 30 feet right next to our house, I hope that helps.

Probably because it's summer? And every kid on the block are using internet and it drains all the connection speed? I dunno, it's just my theory.


2014-04-08 17:13:25

Well if you live in South Korea, I'd be shocked... always heard they were wired to the gills!

Yeah, sounds like you gotta fight for every packet of data. I know that feel man. The cat 5 cable trick might buy you a little extra bandwidth, but, just like the rest of us... what we got, is what we got, no way to change it :\

rosend responds:

Cables gives extra bandwidth boost? That sounds Awesome!

I Thought for sure it depends on a router, also we're using a wireless router, not sure about it's full specs.
That router is basically wired to my brother's PC so he can monitor who's trying to connect to our home network, I'm connected wirelessly BTW and most of our gadgets like Iphone, Tablet, laptops etc.

Also, does having 2 routers help getting a connection boost or perhaps bandwidth boost? I think it's called bridge? I dunno, my brother is mostly the technical type but he doesn't know how to make that work. We still have 2 routers and they're both wireless btw, the new one and the dusty one.


2014-04-11 14:15:14

No, I don't think the wireless routers/hubs would help... if anything, a wireless connection in a crowded area might be holding your bandwidth back. At what speed do you connect at? I'm connecting at 18 Mbps on wireless G, which is a miracle, considering the access point is over 300 feet away. I'm using a crumpled (no shiny hot spots) aluminum foil reflector to get a better signal, which comes through my 2nd floor window. http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/150003c4d4256780ec9c35b8d4129fa6 I've fine tuned it since then....